Write Access


Starting with version 2.1, the API provides limited support for writing to sites in the Stack Exchange network. There are a number of constraints imposed to prevent abuse and loss of quality on Stack Exchange sites.

Apps must have a registered Stack Apps post to write. All content created via the API will have links pointing back to an app's Stack Apps post, to aid in giving an app's author feedback and in reporting abusive content.

You can add or change your app's registered post from the Stack Apps App Management page. Removing a registered post will disable write for your application, as will deleting the registered post.

The application responsible for creating content via the API may be indicated with a link to an app's Stack Apps post. The exact manner of display is subject to change at any time.

For example, API created comments current look like the following when hovered over:

Words of Warning

Stack Exchange is very protective of the quality of content on its sites, and will deal harshly with harmful behavior. While it's impossible to list all forbidden behavior, a good rule of thumb is "if a user would be flagged or banned for doing something, your app will as well".

Some examples of write abuse that will be punished:

  • Spam, of any sort.
  • "Auto-commenting" based on post heuristics.
  • Abusively "following and pestering" another user.
  • Automating flagging or closing based on dumb heuristics.

If you have concerns about your use case, contact us.