Usage of /articles/{ids}/linked GET


Gets questions which are linked to those articles identified in {ids}.

This method only considers questions that are linked within a site, and will never return questions from another Stack Exchange site.

A question is considered "linked" if the article explicitly includes a hyperlink to that question. There are no other heuristics.

{ids} can contain up to 100 semicolon delimited ids. To find ids programmatically look for article_id on article objects.

The sorts accepted by this method operate on the following fields of the question object:

  • activitylast_activity_date
  • creationcreation_date
  • votesscore
  • rank – a priority sort by site applies, subject to change at any time
    • Does not accept min or max

activity is the default sort.

It is possible to create moderately complex queries using sort, min, max, fromdate, and todate.

This method returns a list of questions.

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