Starting with the release of Stack Overflow For Teams, the Stack Exchange API exposes read-only access to data stored in private Teams. In order to access Teams, you must do the following:

  • Obtain an access_token with the access_team|team-name scope (see Authentication for more details)
    • team-name is the root url of the Team, and must be obtained from the user
    • For example, a Team for pickled cucumber enthusiasts might have a team-name of
  • Send this access_token in the X-API-Access-Token header on all requests to the API
    • For security reasons passing access_token as a query parameter is not supported when accessing Team data
    • Any access_token passed as a query parameter while trying to access team data will be invalidated
  • Add the ?team=team-name query parameter to all requests to the API
    • ?site=site-name is still required for all methods that are site-specific, even when accessing Team data

In addition to all write methods, the following methods (and their /me equivalents) are not supported when specifying a Team with ?team=:

An access_token obtained with an access_team|team-name scope cannot be used to access public Stack Overflow data. An access_token for public Stack Overflow can be obtained by using the /access-tokens/exchange method with exchange_type=team_for_public. The obtained access_token will have the same scopes and expiration as the original access_token except for the access_team scope.